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Journal of IMAB - Annual Proceeding (Scientific Papers)
Publisher: Peytchinski Publishing Ltd.
ISSN: 1312-773X (Online)
Issue: 2023, vol. 29, issue3
Subject Area: Medicine
DOI: 10.5272/jimab.2023293.5099
Published online: 12 September 2023

Original article
J of IMAB. 2023 Jul-Sep;29(3):5099-5102
Ivaylo Pakov1ORCID logoCorresponding Autoremail, Adelaida Ruseva2ORCID logo, Irena Gencheva2ORCID logo, Tsetsa Doichinova1ORCID logo, Milena Karcheva1ORCID logo, Kalina Terzieva1ORCID logo, Lyudmila Pakova3, Biserka Vasileva4ORCID logo, Galya Gancheva1ORCID logo,
1) Department of Infectious Diseases, Epidemiology, Parasitology and Tropical Medicine, Faculty of Public Health, Medical University – Pleven, Bulgaria.
2) Department of Clinical Immunology, Allergology and Clinical Laboratory, Faculty of Health Care, Medical University – Pleven, Bulgaria.
3) Group Practice Outpatient Clinic for Primary Medical Care – “Dr Elina Stefanova and Dr Lyudmila Pakova” – OOD, Pleven, Bulgaria.
4) Department of Therapeutic Care, Faculty of Health Care, Medical University – Pleven, Bulgaria.

Combined antiretroviral therapy (cART) provides HIV-infected people life expectancy comparable with HIV-uninfected people and turns the disease into a manageable chronic condition necessitating the need for innovative inflammatory markers.
Our purpose was to determine the correlation between IL-6, D-dimer and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP) levels among HIV-infected and the presence of chronic inflammation during general and immunological aging and drug exposure.
Material and methods: Comparative prospective study was conducted at 37 HIV-positive persons from the Center for Monitoring and Treatment of HIV-positive Patients at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases, UMBAL “Dr. G. Stranski” – Pleven (target group) and 18 HIV-negative individuals from outpatient practice (control group), aged ≥18 years.
Results: The median age of seropositive persons was 40 years (24÷70 years), of the control group – 51 years (29÷72 years); 78% of the target group and 61% of the controls are men. The average duration of ART is 4 years (1÷9 years). The study of specified biomarkers in the target group found increased IL-6 in 8.11% of patients (mean 3.67±1.86 pg/mL; range 1.5÷8.62; 95% CI 3.11-5.02), increased D-dimer in 8.11% (mean 0.37±0.28 µg/mL; 0.21÷1.96; 95% CI 0.3691-0.37459) and increased hsCRP in 10.81% (mean 2.10±1.99 µg/mL; 0.19÷7.0; 95% CI 1.89-2.31). In the control group IL-6 was not increased (mean 2.75±1.67 pg/mL; 1.5÷6.91), D-dimer was increased in 16.67% (mean 0.37±0.17 µg/mL; 0.09÷0.8) and increased hsCRP – in 5.56% (mean 1.76±1.75 µg/mL; 0.19÷5.66). Il-6 was significantly higher in the target group.  
Conclusion: The implementation of sensitive biomarkers is crucial in the general diagnostic-therapeutic approach in aging with HIV.

Keywords: IL-6, D-dimer, hsCRP, chronic inflammation, HIV,

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Please cite this article as: Pakov I, Ruseva A, Gencheva I, Doichinova T, Karcheva M, Terzieva K, Pakova L, Vasileva B, Gancheva G. IL-6, D-dimer and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein in HIV infection – preliminary study. J of IMAB. 2023 Jul-Sep;29(3):5099-5102. [Crossref - 10.5272/jimab.2023293.5099]

Corresponding AutorCorrespondence to: Ivaylo Nikolaev Pakov, Clinic of Infectious Diseases, University Hospital, Medical University – Pleven; 8A, Georgi Kochev Str., Pleven 5800, Bulgaria; E-mail: ivaylo.pakov@gmail.com

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Received: 27 March 2023
Published online: 12 September 2023

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