Journal of IMAB - Annual Proceeding (Scientific Papers)
Publisher: Peytchinski, Gospodin Iliev
ISSN: 1312 773X (Online)
Issue: 2015, vol. 21, issue 3
Subject Area: Medicine - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Pages: 883-886
DOI: 10.5272/jimab.2015213.883
Published online: 25 September 2015

J of IMAB 2015 Jul-Sep;21(3):883-886
Maya S. KrastanovaCorresponding Autor, Danelina E. Vacheva,
Clinic of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University Нospital – Pleven,
Department for Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation, Occupational therapy and Sport Medical University – Pleven, Bulgaria.

Introduction:  In relation to the study reporting the effects of applying phased complex rehabilitation in patients with total hip arthroplasty, it has been concluded that the everyday clinical practice in Bulgaria does not apply complex examination, giving an objective picture about the extent of functional status of patients with trauma and diseases of the hip.
Aim: The main goal of this report is to present a test which incorporates all known and routine research and in which the total number of points determines the functional status of patients with trauma and diseases of the hip.
Material and Methods: Based on the Hip dysfunction and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score, the Harris Hip Score modified test, scale D’Aubigne and Postel and Iowa’s test for complex functional evaluation of the hip joint, we have developed a test including information about the degree of pain; goniometry and manual muscle testing of the hip; locomotor test – type of gait and adjuvants; test for Daily Activities of Life. The test has been developed on the basis of expert assessment by doctors and physiotherapists of the proposed indicators for evaluation and determination of the weighting factors’ contribution to the general condition of the patient.
Conclusion: The developed and tested method of complex functional assessment of the hip joint enables our colleagues, dealing with trauma and diseases of the hip, to use it in various research and scientific projects, as well as in general medical practice.

Key words: functional assessment, hip joint, rehabilitation, occupational therapy,

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Correspondence to: Maya Krastanova, MD, Clinic of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University Нospital – Pleven; 8A, Georgi Kochev blvd., Pleven, Bulgaria; E-mail:

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Received: 23 June 2015
Published online: 25 September 2015

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