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Journal of IMAB - Annual Proceeding (Scientific Papers)
Publisher: Peytchinski, Gospodin Iliev
ISSN: 1312 773X (Online)
Issue: 2013, vol. 19, book 3;
Subject Collection: Medicine
Page: 481-485
DOI: 10.5272/jimab.2013193.481
Published online: 21 December 2013

J of IMAB. 2013 Jul-Dec;19(3):481-485
Deyan N. Davidov Corresponding Autor.
Department of Chemotherapy, Oncological center, Medical University, Pleven, Bulgaria.

Objective: Lung cancer Pemetrexed is novel multitargeted antifolate which inhibits three key enzymes in the folate metabolic pathwaw.
Methods: From May 2010 to March 2012 twenty two consecutive patients with morphologically proven advanced non- squamous non- small cell lung cancer entered the study. Treatment schedule consist of Pemetrexed 500 mg/m2 on day 1 and Cisplatin 80 mg/m2 with hyperhydratation  administered as intravenous infusion with repetition every three weeks. Vitamins supplementation, antiemetics and Dexamethasone were administered too.
Results: Overall response rate was 27,3 %, with one complete and five partial remissions  obtained. The median time to progression and median overall survival time were 5,5 months and 9,6 months respectively. The main toxicity- grade 3 and 4, included neutropenia and diarrhea.
Conclusions: That data suggest that chemotherapy with Pemetrexed / Cisplatin is reasonable choices for first- line chemotherapy in patients with inoperable non- squamous non- small cell lung cancer.

Key words: Pemetrexed; Cisplatin; Non- small cell lung cancer; First- line chemotherapy;

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Please cite this article as:
Davidov DN. Our Experience with Pemetrexed/ Cisplatin as First Line Chemotherapy in Patients with Advanced Non- Squamous Non- Small Cell Lung Cancer. J of IMAB. 2013 Jul-Dec;19(3):481-485. DOI: 10.5272/jimab.2013193.481.

Correspondence to: Dr Deyan Nikolov Davidov, Department of Chemotherapy, Oncological Center, Medical University; 1, “St. Kliment Ohridsky” Str., 5000 Pleven, Bulgaria; E-mail:;

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Accepted for publication: 11 October 2013
Published online: 21 December 2013

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